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Yacht Charter in the South of France and Corsica

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San Remo, Monaco, Antibes, Villefranche, St.Raphael, Nice, Cannes, St.Tropez, Porquerolles, Corsica

If you are looking to charter a yacht in the South of France, there is a perfect selection of vessels in this area of the Western Med. This Cote d' Azur has been untouched by two world wars, the French and Italian Riviera's have always been a place for the 'gentle folk' to visit and recoup and nowhere better than in the privacy of a luxury yacht, far away from the madding crowd. Intimate in scale, surrounded by quality service. When on shore this area has a style that cannot be emulated anywhere else in the world. If you enjoy the smell of coffee, the aroma of fresh flowers, the delight of the latest perfume and of the best in life, this must be the place to be. Clear water and stony beaches, perfect summer days and romantic champagne evenings.
There are more favorably priced yachting areas, but then, life is just too short. It is my favourite area for 'arriving'. A short hop to the next bay or port from Cannes, Antibes or Nice. Let's drop in at Monaco for little flutter at the Casino or a 'spin' down to St.Tropez to take in a few trendy bars, a gourmet restaurant or the world famous beach. A beautiful coastline, friendly people give this area an age old charm. Such a wide selection of fresh foods, culinary delights (a chefs paradise) and delicious vintage wines and champagnes are hard to find so concentrated as in this Cote d' Azur. The summer is not as long as we would like and good weather is virtually guaranteed between June and possibly as late as mid September.

The main choice is between Sailing yachts and Power vessels. Please browse the area of your choice. A map is a good way to start.

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