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Client Comments

From around the world. Making friends since 1988.

'Dear Andrew, Our charter on board 'Formidable' was so good we wanted to continue ever westwards towards the Caribbean'. Bob J, 1988 GB

'Thank you for arranging our company charter event. Everyone had a fabulous time. The race back was so exciting'. Ginnie S, 1989 GB

The Grenadines were beautiful. Thank you for arranging everything so efficiently'. Sir B, 1989 GB

The charter went so well. We were a little short of Margarita mix. Senator C, 1990 USA

We are having such an amazing time on this brand new yacht. The crew are great. Please extend my charter by another 4 weeks'. Ally M 1997 Saudi

We set sail towards the east and the rising sun. Thank you for arranging our charter'. Hugh B 1997 SA

The staff and I had an exceptional experience on board 'Suheyla'. The food was delicious'. Paul H 1998 GB

The crew and the boat were exceptional'. Alan B 1999 Russia

Thank you for recommending 'Metani'. My girl friend and I loved the charter'. Torsten S, 1999 Germany

'Clipper 40' and her crew were a delight. She has an excellent captain and crew. We want the same crew and chef for next year please'. Laurie N, 1999 Egypt

Andrew, Friday Star was awesome. What speed and grace.' Torsten S, 2000 Germany

White Wings was so comfortable and the crew could not do enough. A fabulous family holiday'. Roxanne R, 2000 USA

'We had a beautiful day sail on board 'Esperanza'. An excellent corporate day'. Peter D, 2000 GB

'Sorry to send the funds late, but in the end we had such a great time'. Maurice T, 2001 France

'Our honeymoon cruise was exceptionally good. Thank you for making it all possible'. Alex C, 2002 GB

'Purchasing our 65' Ketch through you was a pleasure. Thank you'. Iain E, 2002 Scotland

'Porto Santo is beautiful, but we should have followed your advice'. Bill R, 2002 USA

'The vessel and service were of exceptional quality'. Andre P, 2002 Swiss

'Our charter in Turkey was fabulous. A great time to be with only the family'. Christian D, 2003 GB

'Your recommendation of 'Silver Cloud' and team work the finalize the charter was fantastic. Thank you'. Kirill S, 2003 Russia

'Captain Jeff and 'AVA' were fantastic. We had an exceptionally good lunch'. Joseph L, 2004 Hong Kong

'We had such a lovely Greek Island cruise. Boat and crew were fantastic'. Pietro V, 2004 Italy

'Thank you for arranging our charter. 24 Hours from making the call to boarding in Cannes is a fantastic service and response'. Iain M, 2005 GB

'We renewed our wedding vows onboard. We would like to charter again next year. Thank you for arranging everything'. Alan T, 2005 Hong Kong

'Your arrangements were perfect. The yacht and local agent superb. We will charter again'. Sir William C, 2005. GB

Additional Comments to 2006 to 2009 to follow in due course.

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