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10 Good Reasons

For choosing a le COUPLE Cruise

1) The most romantic holiday you can ever take. There is nothing more romantic than the evening sea breezes, faraway ports and the pampered style of a private yacht charter.

2) It is a travel experience of a lifetime. Not just a cruise, each day is an adventure. Your gleaming yacht will take you to colourful islands with clear blue waters and sun drenched beaches.

3) A real celebration every night. Enjoy dinner with different specialities each night then go ashore and dance the evening away to a small band. Or just go for a midnight swim under a blanket of stars that are putting on their own spectacular show.

4) Enjoy the luxury of real service and pamper yourself throughout the cruise. This friendly attentive service will follow you wherever you go from your en-suite cabin, to the on-deck table, tastefully arranged for your romantic evening meal under the stars.

5) Soak in the atmosphere and elegance of your yacht. The minute you step on board there's magic in the air. The atmosphere is relaxed and for the next few days all you have to do is enjoy yourselves.

6) Enjoy the exclusivity of your own yacht. The captain and crew enjoy pampering their guests but if you would like the privacy of your own company, then the choice is yours.

7) See some of the most romantic places in the world from a new prospective. Just imagine slipping into Marmaris, Turkey in the late afternoon. The sun, slowly dropping behind the hills and the warm breeze wafting across the deck as you glide serenely by seeing the best view in the world from the best place.

8) The all inclusive package enables you to budget your holiday well in advance. All you have to pay for are items of a personal nature such as drinks *, shopping, gratuities and land based excursions.

9) Enjoy your holiday in complete security. See some of the most exotic parts of the world knowing that you are completely safe aboard your charter yacht.

10) Most of our yachts are based in areas where there are protected waters for cruising in comfort. The best reason for having your own private yacht is that you choose the itinerary and pace of your cruise.

*Some yachts include bar in their rates. Please check rate schedule for details and always request a full HONEYMOON quote.

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