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Yachting in Greece

The fordeck of the lovely 'Hermina'

Suggested Itineraries
Map of Greece

Since the beginning of the time man has been searching for paradise by way of sea. A place free from the worries of everyday life, a place of rare beauty and pleasures. What better place for a holiday is there than the playground to the Gods themselves, the magical Greek islands. Sun washed beaches with spellbinding views, crystal clear waters, and calming sea breezes are the making of perfect yachting vacation.

Variety is the spice of life.

Variety is in fact the hallmark of Greek landscape. The sea, vegetation, and climate of Greece varies as much as her geographical areas. From high mountain ranges to the seemingly endless coastlines, the Greek islands produce a series of scenic surprises that are undoubtedly the most beautiful areas for cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean. On board a yacht one can admire the natural beauty, visit various archaeological sites and sense the cultural heritage of Greece. The Greek islands are considered to be the ideal holiday for any kind of traveller. Whether cruising with family and friends, business entertaining, or celebrating a special anniversary or honeymoon. Yachting is the perfect vacation with no worries whatsoever. Your personal yacht broker will arrange everything.


The itineraries provided in this website are all designed according to our experience and knowledge of Greece. They are obviously subject to change according to clients' wishes and weather conditions. Greece, with its 15,000 kilometres (9375 miles) of shoreline, and its multiple island groups, gives you the opportunity to choose any type of holiday - the intensity of the famous Greek nightlife or the peace and quiet of a traditional seaside village.

During the course of your charter, you may change your itinerary at any time. The captain will be more than happy to assist you.


The summer weather in Greece is long, dry and wonderfully warm. Throughout the summer months the Aegean sea is visited by a northern wind called the "MELTEMI". Many believe that the "MELTEMI" winds contribute to the brilliant clarity of the Aegean sunlight. Even though it is usually only a light breeze, during the hottest months of July and August, it can build up to a gale, therefore, restricting yachts to port. Our advice to charterers is to exhibit preferences to other island groups, i.e. Ionian, Argosaronic Gulf, Peloponnese coast and Sporades.

During the summer months, the waters have an average temperature of 78F (25C) and cloud cover is uncommon.

The lovely 'Splendido' .


A selected number of quality yachts appear in our WEBSITE and even more in our brochure, each with its own personality and characteristics. It is very important to choose the type of yacht which matches your personal needs and services.

Motor Yachts: Cruise to your destination in style and comfort. Motor yachts combine speed and luxury in a modern sophisticated design. Outdoor areas are usually large while their indoor areas comfortably cater to guests requirements.

Motor sailers: Gaff schooners combining wind and sail and the power of a motor blend the traditional with the modern by striking a balance between the sophistication and speed of a motor yacht and a relaxed experience of a sailing yacht.

Sailing Yachts: They rely on wind and sails aided by an auxiliary engine. The average speed of a sailing yacht is between 5 - 10 knots, depending on winds and weather conditions. They offer a more relaxed, serene atmosphere without any compromise in comfort and performance.


The crew is the most important element for the success of any charter. The crews on board all yachts appearing in this brochure have been thoroughly interviewed by our company. They provide personalised catering to clients needs. They rank high in experience, skill and are dedicated to making your cruise a memorable one.


Even though no gratuity is required, should you be satisfied with the crew and their service, 10% of the charter fee may be given on the completion of the charter.


A wide range of watersports are offered on board all yachts listed in this brochure including jetskis,

wet bikes, water-skis, windsurfers and snorkelling equipment. The crew will be more than happy to assist you in the use and safety of all water toys. Please keep in mind that certain regulations may apply.


Some of the listed yachts carry scuba diving equipment on board. If a guest should be particularly interested in the sport, please enquire for further information. Please note that all charterers wishing to dive must be holders of a PADI Open Water Certificate or equivalent. In Greece, as well as Turkey, regulations are set on independent scuba diving in an effort to deter the plundering of underwater archaeological sites.


For reasons of safety, smoking is not permitted anywhere within the accommodation. Smoking however, is permitted on the deck areas.


Corporate yacht charters are quickly becoming the most popular way to entertain business associates or make an impact while presenting new products or ideas. Chartering a yacht provides a uniquely different and ever-changing environment, something not offered even at the finest of hotels.

Not only is this a pleasant change from the usual convention format but also is a greater value and more economical. All of the yachts listed have the latest communications equipment available and a wide range of recreational activities to choose from. Remember, being only ten percent better than the competition is all it takes to be the best and cruising the Greek Islands provides a perfect setting for making a lasting impression.

Once you have decided on the yacht which interests you the most and the dates required, we will draw up a Charter Agreement, to be signed by both the owner of the yacht and the charterer. You will be requested to pay a deposit upon signature to secure your reservation. The balance payment, together with any agreed advance towards provisioning (A.P.A.) of the yacht, as well as delivery or redelivery fees, if applicable, will be due for payment one month prior to your date of embarkation.

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